Dianibol Liquid

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Why buy Dianabol Liquid alternatives?

✅ Great for stimulating immediate strength gains and faster results without long-term side effects

✅ As a methandrostenolone analog, watch your testosterone production skyrocket

✅ See and feel effects within just a few days

✅ Gains of 10 - 15 lbs are commonly reported

✅ Gives you a harder, meaner and leaner look! 

What is Dianabol Liquid?

This new formula works far better than that or any other prohormones (the chemical that sets up your body ready for serious muscle gain) and helps promote better protein synthesis to the muscle cells because it contains the actual nucleus taken from methandrostenolone (metandienone), but not the whole molecule giving you the same net gains without the side effects of real dianabol (and other anabolic steroids like deca durabolin).

Dianabol aka "methandrostenolone", "methandienone", "methandrolone", "dehydromethyltestosterone" or "methylboldenone" are anabolic steroids (like trenbolone, winstrol, anavar or even hgh) that were created in the 1950's by the United States Olympic doctor, John Ziegler.  It was developed by adding a double bond to the carbon positions 1 & 2 along with the 17th carbon position methyl group in order to prevent liver damage.

The main purpose was to give the U.S. athletes a fighting chance at competing with the USSR (Soviet Union) because most of their athletes were enhanced with testosterone.

It produces rapid muscle gains quickly by keeping the body in a long-term anabolic state.

The dianabol for sale on our website (which is NOT classified under anabolic steroids, but rather a legal steroid alternative) is suspended in our Russian Delivery System, which allows for a timed release effect making 1-2 doses each day more effective and more convenient than taking multiple tablets each day. Liquid Dbol is great for immediate mass & strength gains.

Most people who use Dianabol typically feel the effects in only a few days & should see about 5-10 lbs of weight gain (and minor fat loss) after two or three weeks.

Unlike other oral androgens, Dbol will not cause liver damage. It works with your natural hormone systems to maximize your anabolic and androgenic genes.

Do Bodybuilders Use Dianabol?

During the 1960's, dianabol earned a permanent seat in the world of bodybuilding. It literally disrupted the sport and bodybuilding has forever been shaped by this product.

Bodybuilders (most commonly men) buy steroids or add Dbol to their stack for sale during the off-season when they are trying to pack on as much muscle mass as possible. 

Is Dianabol the same as a Test Booster?

Ultimately, Dbol is an altered form of testosterone.  It has an anabolic rating of roughly two times higher than testosterone. 

What side effects are associated with Dianabol?

In a nutshell, common side effects include acne, increased facial/body hair growth, hypogonadism, high blood pressure, insomnia, gynecomastia and fluid retention.

There are a few androgenic effects like prostate enlargement, heart strain and aggression.

Liver damage isn't an issue with these anabolic steroids as long as you stick within the recommended dosages and take a post steroid cycle treatment in order to reduce estrogen.

However, our product is a legal dianabol alternative so you won't experience these anabolic side effects.

Dianabol has short half-life, which is roughly 5 hours so you should take it right before your workouts. The detection time is 5-6 weeks, but remember that our Dbol is a legal alternative to anabolic steroids.

The specific ingredients are:

  • 1-DHEA
  • 3-beta-hydroxy-androst-1-ene-17-one
  • 1-Androstene-3b-ol-17-one
It is a type of prohormone that gets converted into a more powerful form of testosterone using your natural hormone systems. Since these systems activate in your sleep, we strongly suggest you take it at bedtime. This will get you the very best results.

How exactly does Dianabol Work?

The short answer is by protein synthesis.

First, Dbol increases nitrogen retention resulting in hypertrophy.

Next, it helps reduce fatigue so you can attack your workout harder.

Then, it increases free testosterone in your body.

Lastly, it boosts blood flow into your muscles (also known as the "pump") without causing water retention.

Torn muscle fibers are repaired at an accelerated pace, which is when muscle is actually built. Nitrogen is also retained at a higher level, which is what helps keep you in an anabolic state (which is what real steroids do). Your body is also able to utilize more of the protein you consume to your muscles.

Dianabol is carbon 17-alpha alkylated...meaning it is one of the few anabolic steroids that has the ability to be taken orally. One of the few non injectable options out there. It also has a double bond between carbons 1 & 2, which results in a low androgenic rating.

You also need to make sure your Dianabol cycle is done properly.  We recommend 8 weeks on, 4 week post cycle to prevent your receptors from getting used to the ingredients and to avoid side effects. 

What sort of results can you expect if you buy Dianabol?

Dbol was designed to maximize your androgen levels without the harmful side effects of banned steroids. This product will be even more anabolic when combined with Muscle Attack, Test-1 Boost, and CLA.
It is a very safe and legal and most of all effective alternative to illegal steroids which will not harm your liver or raise your blood pressure. It works with your natural hormone systems to produce an androgen every bit as potent for muscle growth as dianabol, without any of the harmful side effects.
If you’re looking for a stack, Dbol works with other products very well. Taking our BCAAs and Three-Atine will also help build muscle even faster. This stack will accelerate you gains and is a jaw-dropping plateau buster!
Dbol can do the following for you:
  • Instantly increase your free testosterone
  • Raise your blood density (hematocrit,) enhancing your endurance
  • Give you the work capacity of a machine
  • Enhances your DNA to produce bigger, stronger muscle tissue
  • Seriously decreases recovery time
  • Raises nitrogen retention, preserving lean muscle mass
  • TORCHES body fat, especially around the cheeks and belly
  • Reduces the need for sleep and promotes wakefulness without stimulants

Customers who use Dianabol feel the effects almost immediately.

The most common effect will be more strength with your reps.

There's minor water retention with Dbol, which will obviously make you look bigger within the first week.

As you continue taking it, protein synthesis will kick into overdrive and pack on solid muscle mass and do more for you than testosterone does.

Folks who take C17-aa (the oral version of Dianabol steroids), gain roughly 15 - 20 pounds in several weeks but also experience adverse side effects down the road.

Yes, we're talking about huge gains, but ultimately nutrition is the critical component of your success...not anabolic steroids.

If you’re trying to increase your muscle size and strength, almost definitely. Especially if you’ve been reluctantly considering illegal steroids like deca-durabolin.

When combined with an appropriate diet and exercise program, Dbol will help build and retain muscle mass and accelerate your recovery, allowing for more intense workouts more often and ultimately better gains.

Dbol can help your achieve your goals without compromise.

Don't forget. A typical dianabol steroid cycle is 8 weeks on followed by a post cycle of 4 weeks off.

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