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First of all, let's get one thing straight. Cotton shirts suck!

That's why we decided to go the extra mile and come up with something amazing. Once you finish a workout wearing our new dri-fit performance shirts, it might be hard to go back to cotton. Our shirts are made with 100% soft micro polyester mesh. What that means is that when you start to sweat, the mesh material allows air to pass through and dry the sweat much quicker than allowing it to get absorbed like cotton shirts. Here's why you may want to consider

  • Look cooler (it's more fitted so you'll stand out)
    • Model in the photo is 6'2", 208 lbs, 9% body fat
  • Perform better (balances your body temperature)
  • Feel comfortable (sweat wicks away & dries faster)

Nobody likes that guy who leaves all of the gym equipment sweaty and nasty, so don't be that guy and add a performance shirt to your cart now!

Also, if you snap a photo wearing the shirt and send it to us, we'll display it on this page to the left.

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