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Great results within days.

The first time that this product was purchased there was immediate and noticeable results.

Very good and is just as good as kyno..!

Ive used kyno in the past until it was discontinued..i read and seen plenty of reviews on crazy muscles dynajec...wasnt sure at first but tried my first bottle in the beginning of December and have been very happy i did ..burns fat ..sweating alot more my endurance is way up more reps on my bench press..! Will order more when this is done ..i do 2 cc a day..will bimp it up soon to 3cc a day..! Very nice maximus..! .....

So much better than Kyno

I was a hardcore Kyno user, but Dynajec is way better at least in my opinion.

Great product

Great product from a great seller ,I have use this product for many years under another label or two, can't go wrong !

Awesome Product

I have competed and I now do a lot of pre-contest prep.. dieting is always the most important.. this is amazing at giving you energy, if you have a problem eating it does increase appetite.... everyone tells me how much it increases their sex drive. I love how it really does make you feel healthier .. other than the delivery system everyone I know loves this.

Kynoselen has been discontinued by the manufacturer (Vetoquinol). We have found Troy Dynajec to be the exact same product as what Kynoselen used to be.

Why buy Dynajec?

  • Bodybuilders typically use Dynajec as a PCT
  • Uses energy in your muscle tissue to promote growth
  • Contains potassium & magnesium, which synergize for strong muscle contractions
  • Allows the enhancement of strength, endurance, and lean muscle mass
  • Promotes quick and effective muscle recovery
  • Boosts protein synthesis as well as your metabolic rate for faster fat burning!

What is Dynajec?

Dynajec is used as an aid in the treatment and prevention of muscular disorders due to selenium deficiency. It is a non-steroidal supplement of several vitamins, minerals, heptaminol, and adenosine monophosphate. Considered to be an anabolic, but truth is that Dynajec is not a steroid. It can increase protein synthesis, leading to leaner muscle mass. Dynajec is very similar to Kynoselen in that it is a muscular stimulant, tonic, and restorative. It works by stimulating energy transformation, fat metabolism, and metabolic oxidative processes. It is a powerful fat burner, which combats fatigue, increases endurance during training, and facilitates recovery. We have had Kynoselen for sale on our website to customers around the world since 2003 and Dynajec is the new version of it. Buy Dynajec online in the United States and get it in your hands within 2 - 3 days. For international customers, you can still buy Dynajec here and we will get it shipped to you with no customs/border issues.

Heptaminol and adenosine monophosphate are what makes Dynajec so desirable, which are the main active ingredients. It has been shown to improve overall strength of muscle tissue and minimize fatigue. Here is a list of all of the primary ingredients:

  • Heptaminol: It enlarges blood vessels and allows more oxygen to flow through your blood. Plain and simple...it gets good, oxygenated blood flowing throughout your entire body much more effectively.
  • AMP (adenosine monophosphate): A substance the body creates on the way to making adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a source of energy used throughout the body. ATP is everywhere in the body. It fuels muscles. Perhaps a reason why users of Dynajec report a boost in energy.
  • Magnesium aspartate: Promotes crazy muscle contraction, and is why it's in such demand with folks who want to get stronger. Magnesium also engages enzymes that are required for the break down of carbs and amino acids, which as you may or may not know...leads to protein synthesis.
  • Cyanocobalamin (vitamin b-12): It increases energy and appetite stimulation like no other. A lack of vitamin B12 results in weariness so it is just another reason to make sure you are taking it. Dynajec is a great way to ensure you are getting a very healthy dosage.
  • Selenium: An anti-oxidant...'nuff said.
  • Potassium aspartate: To prevent cramps and injuries, most coaches recommend you eat bananas before your workouts. It is the potassium in the bananas that keep your muscles from cramping. Potassium also synergizes extremely well with the magnesium to assist in stronger muscle contractions. 

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