Extreme Mass #2

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Customer Reviews

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Will Stevens
For serious gainers

It seems a little expensive, but considering how long it lasts, it's a pretty good deal if you need to gain a lot of mass. Over the last couple of months, I packed on about 24 lbs.

Sam Watson
Gains were quick and strength shot through the roof

I’ve done up to 4 months with good gains on the dianobol, dekka, equipoison stack. Its a huge help in football. I am leaning up while gaining muscle – people think I’m on the juice because my gains were so quick and my strength shot through the roof.

Rich Cooper
Expensive, but you get a lot of good products

This stack was a bit intimdating at first, but I've tried most of the products individually before so I gave it a shot. In 2 months, I ended up putting on 22 lbs of muscle. The only cons are that it's not cheap.

What's included?

  • 2 Dianobol - $119.80
  • 2 Parabol - $99.80
  • 2 Annadrall - $119.80
  • 2 Dekka - $119.80
  • 2 Equipoison 250 - $149.80

How much can you save?

Total retail is $610. Save $175 with Extreme Mass Stack #2!

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