Lean & Mean Stack

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justin fultz

Haven’t received my order and it’s been a month.

Kiin Salois
Never came in

Never came in

Charles Miller
This stack really cuts fat fast

I used this stack after trying hydroxycut and was insanely happy with how this stack worked over the hydroxycrap.

I'm making good gains!

As far as the ingredients are concerned I really like the combination in the Lean and Mean stack. I was already taking many of the ingredients so switching to the stack made it easier for me. I noticed right away I wasn't as tired or needing to nap as much. Progressively within the first month on the stack my gains increased insanely. I was looking to cut some body fat which I have definitely done around the waist line. Thanks Crazy Muscle!

Rick D
Got me ready for summer

I've always been buff, but man this stack was critical in helping me lose the last bit of fat which as you know is the hardest fat to get rid of.

 What's included?

  • 1 Muscle Attack - $80
  • 1 Clen - $60
  • 1 Decapoise - $60

How much can you save?

Total retail is $200. Save $25 with the Lean & Mean Stack!

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