Mass Attack #2

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Not impressed

Not real impressed with the product. I lift 6 days a week 2hrs a day and didn't really get any results from this product. Was really hoping for a good outcome.

Amazed so far

I am only seven days using this product and so far i am amazed for what i can feel and see happening to my body.I wil write another review in two weeks time.I am not a native english speaking person and i dont want to confuse othe people,but i recomend this product to whoever want to put weigth on,training hard and using a more or less clean diet

good bang for the buck

Results were pretty damn good given the price of the stack. Started to really see mass gains in week 3. Happy overall with the results.

Never this easy to pack on mass

I think this has been the easiest I've put on mass in the last couple of years. i have a hard time consuming a lot of calories, but I can tell I'm bigger.

True to it's name!

Since starting this about a month ago, I've noticed a huge difference in power. My Androl 50 gives me a boost of energy during workouts. Meanwhile the Winstrall and Dianbol is doing its work by cutting my muscles and adding muscle mass. I look more defined and bigger. Feeling stronger by the day. Awesome products and ready for the next cycle.

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  • 1 Winstrall - $59.90

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