Retabol Liquid

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Why buy Liquid Retabol?

  • Increases nitrogen balance, which allows your body to use proteins and carbs more effectively
  • Helps those who struggle with gaining muscle mass to see fast and effective results
  • Time-released effect for a more sustained dosage
  • Enlarges muscular tissue for a crazy bulked up look
  • Huge gains of 20 lbs have been reported over just 2 cycles

What is Liquid Retabol?

Liquid Retabol is a breakthrough for HARDGAINERS ONLY! Retabol increases strength and muscle tissue, giving you that BULKY look. Retabol is so powerful that it MUST BE CYCLED for only three weeks at a time (3 weeks on 3-4 weeks off). Gains of 20 lbs have been reported over 2 cycles. Can be stacked with any product.

Retabol liquid is included in the following stack:

  • Hard Gainer Stack 

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