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Salvador Lopez
supercharge protein synthesis

I've taken both products individually for months at a time, but taking them together as a stack gave me much bigger results in mass and strength.

Really like the product.

I have a power lifting comp coming up and needed help in strength. I've added 25 lbs to my bench with product. I decided to do this comp without much time to train and prepare. So anxious for this comp and then get several months of using these to see my gains and strength.

Frank L, NASM, Bodybuilding coach
a MUST for beginners

Personal training is my job so I see a ton of stupid fake shit all the time. One of my clients told me about this stack and it actually sounded pretty decent. This is our 3rd month working with this client and his strength improved and body fat declined at a much accelerated rate than in the previous 2 months. I ended up trying this out for myself and definitely saw what I was hoping to see for myself.

I wasn't paid to write this, but heck I wouldn't mind at all working out some sort of commission *nudge nudge*

Lars Miller
Hands down the best supplements

Without a doubt, these 2 are the best products I have ever taken. Im a huge fan of the whey protein and muscle atack is awesome for strength and muscle.

Lawrence M
crazy good deal

Considering MusclAttack is $65 and worth every penney, you get a 2lb+ bottle of whey isolate for $30.

The results speak for themselves. Great stack!

What's included?

  • 1 Muscle Attack - $80
  • 1 Creatine Pills - $20

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Total retail is $100. Save over $50 with the Warrior Stack!

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