Equipoison 250

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Why buy Equipoison 250?

  • Contains pepsin, which is absorbed by cells for use as a metabolic fuel
  • Exerts insulin-mimicking effects, giving muscles a huge “pump”
  • Shuttles glucose & amino acids directly into muscle tissue to give an amazing pump
  • Improves protein absorption for best use of hormones, nutrients & noticeable growth
  • Boosts testosterone for leaner, harder muscles and fast fat burning
  • Effects reported in just the first 2 days of use!

What is Equipoison 250?

Amino acids and dipeptides are absorbed by cells to fuel metabolism and construct new proteins. Our ingredients exert insulin-mimicking effects, giving muscles an amazing "pump" by targeting glucose and amino acids directly into muscle tissue, stimulating glycogen and protein synthesis far better than NO-2. Testosterone is the primary muscle-building hormone and Equipoison 250 produces higher levels of testosterone in the blood stream which leads to bigger muscles & lower body fat levels. Active ingredients are 250 mgs of a proprietary blend of Pepsin Adenosine triphosphate, Nettle (urtica dioscareal), Sitosterols, Vandyl sulfate, and Colostrum. Other ingredients include:

  • Magnesium stearate
  • Citrus fiber
  • Maltodextrin 

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