Mass / Cut #2

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Frankie Flex
works very good

Good stack got harder leaned out now I eat very good so that helps felt good no side effects very good supplement stack was happy with the results

Henry Collins
mass builder

Started early November at 183 lb and curling 40's...pressing 185. Took about a week off because of Thanksgiving, but just finished the stack and I'm 196 lb, curling 50's and pressing 275. Pretty sure it wasn't the turkey and cranberry sauce that gave me that boost!

Randy J
Better performance

You can definitely feel a difference while you lift. I was lifting probably 10% more almost immediately.

Donald Michaels
Solid products in one stack

These are all solid products and to get them in one stack is money. Got a free pair of wrist wraps with my order and free shipping.

Mikel Olafsson
Worked almost immediately

Started seeing results the first week. Helped me break out of my plateau

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