Test-1 Boost

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Quick Facts About Test-1 Boost:

  • Gives you massive muscle and strength gains
  • Shreds body fat, strengthens bones & increases confidence
  • This T replacement to injections, creams and gels actually works!

How Does T Production Work? What Does Improving Your T Levels Do?

Here's what the research tells us:

1. Boosts Muscle Mass: We all know what protein synthesis is. This is the bread and butter for T production and how it gained it's reputation in the world we live in.

2. Shreds Body Fat: Insulin is one of the primary reasons why body fat seems to win the war over our bodies. T supplements manage your insulin levels, which in turn decreases fat tissue. Adipose (aka the fat tissue) is what inevitably turns T to estrogen.

3. Strengthens Bones: It's been shown that most folks with osteoporosis have incredibly low T levels. Higher T production strengthens the bones and essentially does the reverse of what osteoporosis does. So if you are doing cross fit, olympic power-lifting, or any athletic sport, having strong bones will help you perform better and prevent injury.

4. Increases Your Drive In The Bedroom: If you have noticed a decline in your drive or your ability to be active in the bedroom, a low T levels might be the culprit. There have been countless studies done on how having a higher drive in the bedroom seems to be a very common trait amongst those who are more affluent and financially successful.

5. Improves Brain Power: Many scientific studies have shown a good link between preventing brain tissue decay with higher T levels. While this is typically more relevant for older men, let's face it… we all have a finite number of brain cells in our brain. We lose a ton every day so T supplements may indeed be a way to at the very least, slow down that loss. 

6. Combats Depression: How does this have to do with building huge muscles? Well, if you've ever been depressed at any level, you know that it tends to shut your body down and motivation levels are drained quickly. For the majority of people, working out is at the bottom of their priority list especially when depression sets in. Low T levels in men have been linked to depression.

Test-1 Boost Usage

Take 3 tablets before you go to bed for optimal results. Each bottle should last about 30 days.

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